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Vacatures MarCom 184, 185, 186, 187

en EnviCom 188

PIANC NL kan voor elke werkgroep een Professional en een Young Professional (jonger dan veertig) voordragen. Hieronder vindt u meer informatie en tevens een link naar de Terms of Reference.  Gelieve uw interesse voor deelname aan deze werkgroepen voor 1 augustus kenbaar te maken door een email met Engelstalig CV en motivatiebrief te sturen naar PIANC Nederland.

-MarCom 184 Design principles for dry bulk marine terminals  
-MarCom 185 Site Selection and planning for new ports and specialist marine terminals on greenfield sites
-MarCom 186 Mooring of Large Ships at Quay Walls
-MarCom 187 Protection of undersea pipelines and cables in navigable areas
-Envicom188 Carbon Management for Port and Navigation Infrastructure 


RecCom 182 Underwater Acoustic Imaging of waterborne transport infrastructure

Sonar has been used for decades in the maritime industry to obtain hydrography surveys and
ensure safe navigation of vessels. Sonar technologies have evolved over the past few
decades to also provide high-resolution imagery benefiting waterborne transport
infrastructure. At this time, however, there is limited information available to facility owners,
asset managers, engineers, and marine construction contractors on the best way to use the
various forms of acoustic imaging. The working group will publish a document on the use of underwater
acoustic imaging related to waterborne transport infrastructure. This
publication will provide best practice information.

TOR 182 

RecCom 183  “Innovative Products and Technologies in Marina”

Many new materials and processes are being discovered every year since at least a decade ago. Some
of those discoveries are suitable to be applied in the construction and daily operation of marinas. The
areas covered go from communications (WiFi transmission and management) to remote measuring of
services (water and electricity), security (access control and camera access by Internet) to building basics
(carbon fiber reinforced concrete, additives, walkways planking, paints, illumination and alternative
energy production and use) to mention few.
The marina industry is just coming out from six years of world's economic difficulties. Players are cautious
and reluctant to invest in elements or systems of unproven efficiency. This particular situation must be
taken in consideration when elaborating this study, incorporating an efficacy value that helps the readers
to immediately assess the calculated risk of the solution. (example: a proven concrete additive has less
risk than a color pattern for visual impact). 

TOR 183

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