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Onderstaand zijn de auteurs en de titels van de artikelen uit het PIANC Magazine 'On Course' opgesomd vanaf 2000. Tot 2005 heette het Magazine nog Bulletin. De nummering van het publicatie loopt na de verandering van naam gewoon door.

Met ingang van nummer 142 (2011) verschijnt het Magazine uitsluitend in digitale vorm. Leden kunnen het Magazine downloaden vanaf de members-only pagina van Niet-leden krijgen alleen een samenvatting per artikel te zien. Het voorwoord van de president en de rubriek 'News from the navigation community' zijn wel in hun geheel te downloaden.

Hangende een besluit over de wijze van publiceren van technische artikelen, is de uitgave van 'On Course' medio 2014 tot nader order opgeschort.

U kunt exemplaren van de gedrukte Magazines en Bulletins bestellen bij het Hoofdkantoor van PIANC.

E-Magazine 147, december 2013

D. Ajdari, Z. Ajdari, S. Sanjani, S. Hajirezaee, Z. Zaiton Ibrahim: Coral Relocation in Chabahar Bay, Southeast of Iran, Oman Sea

L. das Neves: Experimental Study of the Development of Scour at Geotextile Encapsulated Sand Systems

M. Druyts, P. Brabers: Nautical Depth, Rheocable Sounding Method and Maintenance Dredging in Muddy Areas

Tavallali, K. De Wit: Water Injection Dredging: Effect of Dredging Sequence and Evaluation of Impact on Ambient Turbidity, a Case Study of the Port of Calais

Tomás Sampedro: Calibration of Wave Reanalysis Databases

Gabriele Peschken Tavallali, Tomás Sampedro: A Complex Geotextile Container Used in the Dredging and Disposal of Contaminated Materials at Victoria Harbour

F. Tseng, C. Chu, A. Tang: Research on Climate Change Impacts on the Transportation System of the European Union

News from the navigation community

E-Magazine 146, december 2012

H. Jumelet: A theoretical approach for the notional permeability factor P

J. Almazan Garante en P. Parra Serano: Improving the competitiveness of the Spanish Port System by optimising the cargo handling service      

M. Khalifa: A simulation case study for a commercial hub port planning

T. de Boer en W. Daamen: An analysis of vessel behaviour based on AIS data

E. Maes: The locks of the Seine-Scheldt project: introducing the concept of life cycle cost

J. Schweighofer: Research on climate change impacts on the transportation system of the European Union 

News from the navigation community

E-Magazine 145, februari 2012

Ryszard A. Daniel: Some Aspects of Gate-Structure Interaction in Navigation Locks, Weirs and Flood Barriers

Bernhard Söhngen, Nicole Maedel, Lucia Hahne, Ismael Verdugo, Jose Iribarren: Additional navigational widths of inland vessels passing cross current fields

Marc Van Vooren, Philippe Hyde, Bram Vandekerckhove, Martin Mesuere: Optimising Marine Transport and Services along the Scheldt Sea Estuary using a Chain Approach Vessel Traffic Simulation Model

News from the navigation community

E-Magazine 144, november 2011

M. Chemaly: Failure of Glansbaai leeward breakwater: fines washout from breakwater core

K. Mackie: Some thoughts on the economics of dry docks

J. Molines: Stability of crown walls of cube and cubipod armoured mound breakwaters

News from the navigation community

E-Magazine 143, juli 2011

M. Lenzi e.a.: Theoretical and experimental investigation on underwater water ground anchor 

K. Mackie: Barbados Screwdock update 

M. Gomez Paz: Container terminal capacity, new formula for the area required

News from the navigation community

 E-Magazine 142, januari 2011

R. Srivastava: Cruise shipping policy 2008, an initiative of the Government of India

 M.J. Briggs: Sensitivity of PIANC squat formulas in unrestricted channels

 S. Guilliou e.a.: Simulation of the dredged sediments release with a two phase flow model

 News from the navigation community

Magazine 141, oktober 2010

T. Gernay: Optimisation and analysis of lock gates in the framework of the Seine-Escaut-Est waterway upgrading

J. de Bont: Calculations of the motions of a ship moored with Moormaster units

F.L. Mera: Stability analysis of low crested and submerged rubble mound breakwaters based on flow characteristics

P. Osorio, C. Odenbreit en T. Vrouwenfelder: Structural Reliability analysis of quay walls with stell sheet piles

News from the navigation community

Magazine 140, augustus 2010

B. Sohngen en J. Kayser: Design of bank and bottom protection

News from the navigation community

Magazine 139, april 2010

T. Beckett: Parallel motion fenders: some design considerations

C.I. Robertson en G. Forsyth: Seismic design of hydraulic gates

M. Claeke: Liverpool Canal Link, summary of completed works

N. Clarke: Cruising back to Liverpool

J. Brooke en I. White: Climate change mitigation and adaptation measures for inland waterways in England and Wales

P. Hawkes: Climate change and navigation, a review of climate change drivers, impact responses and mitigation

M. Simpson: Dredging and sediment management, working with nature?

G. Robertshaw: Technical innovations for remote and exposed locations

P.R. Miles: Refurbishment and reconstruction of the South Hook LNG Import Terminal Jetty

T. Harvey: Stourport basins restoration - maintaining and building heritage for the future

R. Edries: Planning a port development at Corito in Anguilla, British West Indies

R. Kirby: Recent trends in the application of generic sediment management systems

News from the navigation community

Magazine 138, januari 2010

B. Decrop, B. De Clercq en J. Vanlede: Eddy-induced cross currents in the Westerschelde estuary

J.L. Almazan Palomino en P. Pery Paredes: Optimisation of the operating unit of the container operator concession-holder

News from the navigation community

Magazine 137, oktober 2009

Y. van Kruchten: A probabilistic analysis of the ecological effects of sand mining for Maasvlakte2

N. Fozein Kwanke: Construction armour units for breakwaters: a study on the structural integrity

News from the navigation community 

Magazine 136, augustus 2009

A. Dohms: The Elbe-Lubeck-Canal, a short navigation link from the seas into the inland

J. Henriksen: Investigation of turbulence characteristics for model cutter suction dredging operation

News from the navigation community 

Magazine 135, april 2009

R. Kajatkari, T. Halla en A. Kallio: Systematic project management creates innovative solutions, the Port of Kotka case

E. Sirkia: Current status and future development of Finnish fairway infrastructure

K. Avellan en T. Nuutinen: The Takho Water Route, locks and dams

S Horsmanheimo e.a.: New approaches to design and estimating visibility of radar reflectors

E. Eranti: Ecobureaucratic power hampering maritime infrastructure projects

P. Lahtinen and M.J. Niemi: Process stabilisation technology for contaminated sediments, EU life-project in Turku Harbour

News from the navigation community

Magazine 134, januari 2009

E.P. Olalla (red.): Analysis of two-dimensional structures using slope stability programs

S. Woltering en I. Kromer: Optimisation of the automobile logistic centre in Bremerhafen

P. Debaillon: Modelisation numerique du surenfoncement des navires

H. Kothe: Working with nature, PIANC position paper

News from the navigation community

Magazine 133, oktober 2008

W.C. Glamour: A decision support tool for assessing the impact of boat wake waves on inland waterways (De Paepe Willems Award winnaar 2008)

G. Delefortrie: Manoeuvrability of deep drafted vessels in muddy navigation areas

M. Fickert: Analysis of the development of the current velocities in the Lower and Outer Elbe after the fairway deepening in 1999

A. Thomas: Subsurface 3D modelling, an application to waterfront project planning and development

News from the navigation community

Magazine 132, juli 2008
themanummer Seine-Schelde project

N. Bour: Seine-Nord Europe Canal: central segment of the Seine-Scheldt waterway link

B. Deleu e.a.: Canal Seine-Nord Europe: canal alignment and longitudinal profile

O. Cazaillet: Water supply for the future Seine-Nord Europe Canal

P. Graille e.a.: Comparison of two lock concepts with water-saving basins and optimisation of chamber structure

P. Graille e.a.: Seine-Nord Europe Canal: hydraulic design of locks

B. Lemaire e.a.: Practical capacity and transit times on the Seine-Scheldt waterway

News from the navigation community

Magazine 131, april 2008
themanummer China

Yiganag Wang en Xi Li: Numerical solutions of berthing stability by wave-permeable breakwaters in Sansha fishing port

Yun Li en Ruikai Zhang: Study on preventing and reducing cavitation of filling and emptying valves for high-head lock

Hu Ya-an e.a.: Research on improving the traffic capacity of the Three Gorges Ship Lock by optimizing the conveyance mode

Chen Wei e.a.: Glorious perspective through sustainable measures for the jing Han Grand Canal and the promotion of World Heritage Application

Jun-Min Mou, Han Ligteringen en Jian-Feng: Discussion on River Information Services (RIS) in China

News from the navigation community

Magazine 130, januari 2008

D. Naessens e.a.: Dubai waterfront development, the making of an iconic waterfront development in the Arabian Gulf

D. Seurynck: Al Raha beach development: building the Gulf's most spectacular adress

B. Groothuizen: World development and the importance of dredging

E. Staake: Special packing for the export, from palace pharmacy to fertilizer factory

G. Bartholomeeusen en R. Simons: Major hydraulic engineering projects in the Gulf region: new Doha international airport and the Pearl Qatar

News from the navigation community

Magazine 129, september 2007

B. Waeles en P. le Hir: Simulation of dredging activities and their sediment impact by using a morphodynamics model of the Seine river mouth

C.C. Glansdorp, D. Jarvis en C.P.M. Willems: MarNIS, a pan-European development for maritime navigation

E. Sirki: Economical efficiency to be achieved with a regulatory change only with consideration for navigational risks

S.A. Heisy: HarBor Sym, an application for determining economic efficiency in harbors

News from the navigation community

Magazine 128, juli 2007

A.A. Roubos: Dealing with uncertainties in the design of bottom protection near quay walls (DPWA-winner)

K.J. Conell: Modelling navigation channel infilling and migration of tidal inlets

J. Bodefeld en C. Kunz: From inspection to an asset management system for waterway structures

News from the navigation community

Magazine 127, mei 2007

E.A. Prez de Agreda e.a.: Case history - Instrumentation of Barcelona Harbour Breakwaters

T. Fidell: Developing an integrated model to quantufy port emissions

G. Cuomo: Wave impacts on vertical sea-walls & caisson breakwaters

G. Haimerl en P. Krobel: Flood protection by means of a sustainable management of flood plains

News from the navigation community

Magazine 126, februari 2007

S. Narasimha Rao en G. Vaidyanathan: Lateral capacity of piles subjected to scouring

G. Vaidyanathan: Current status of logistics in India

S.M. Kulkarni en G. Vaidyanathan: Development of a 4th terminal at JNPT in Mumbai

News from the navigation community

Magazine 125, oktober 2006

M. Bleck: Wave attenuation by artificial reefs (GWA-winner)

H. Ishikara: Development and management of the Kammon Waterway

J. Zllner: New inland container vessels for transport to the hinterland

R.A. Daniel and E. Dembicki: Contact problems in lock gates in view of investigation and experience

News from the navigation community

Magazine 124, juli 2006

R. Wurpts en P. Torn: Fifteen years of experience with fluid-mud in the port of Emden

K. Miyake en S. Hanashiro: Coral-friendly developments of port structures in the Okinawa region

J. Oliver: Water supply of waterways

V.G. Gharat: Mumbai, identification of a suitable dumping site for dredged spoil

Magazine 123, april 2006 

I. Mota Oliviera: Estuary and lagoon entrances

J.M. Alfonso Covas en J. Alfredo Santos: Port research activities at LNEC

B. Dias en A. Rocha: Container traffic overview of supply and demand in Portugese ports 

J.M. Cerejeira e.a.: Shipbuilding and shiprepairing yards

J. dos Reis en L. Teixeira: Madeira Island, development of port facilities, port of Canieal

C. Soares en F. Artilheiro: The Portugese Hydrographic Institute

A. Trigo-Teixeira: Infrastructure for the sport and pleasure navigation in continental Portugal

Magazine 122, januari 2006  

Interview met Eddy Bruyninckx: Container throughput creates added value

C. Oberheim: PIANC provides technical guidance for EU RIS-directive

K. Vanderbeke: High-precision directional drilling under the capsized shipwreck of the Tricolor car carrier

Ph. Maron en D. Brilman: Contribution of EOF analysis to the management of the Adour river mouths, acces to port of Bayonne

Y. Hoshiyama: Construction of a deep-water earthquake-resistant container terminal by jacket method
H.W. Vollstedt en U. von Bargen: Extension of the CT 4 container terminal in Bremerhaven

M. Klabbers en M. Muttray: First application of Xblock breakwater armour unit in Europe

Magazine 121, oktober 2005

J.L. Lara: A numerical wave flume to study the functionality and stability of coastal structures

E. Staake: Efficient container terminals in the port of Duisburg

K. Govender e.a.: Strategic environmental assessment

S.M. Kulkarni: Upgrading navigational channel for laerger size vessels in Mumbai

R. Marconi en B. Bonetti: Sustainability of the nautical tourism

Magazine 120, juli 2005

J. Berrou en R. Le Quillec: Elaborating Electronis Chart Navigation in France

K. Ichii: Towards the optimum seismic design of a gravity quay wall

E. Bruijn, J.D. Terpstra, A.M. Gresnigt en W. Molenaar: Optimization by means of plastic design of flexible breasting dolphins

M.C. Garcia Govea e.a.: Wave reflection on a semi impervious breakwater

Magazine 119, april 2005

D. Gordon: Chronic dredging on the upper Mississippi River remedied with innovative river training structures

E. Allen en D. Thiessen: Study to upgrade port infrastructure for next generation containers vessels

A. Rothblum en D. Wyatt: The myth of red lights: maintaining night vision in marine operations

M. Morris en D. Wyatt: Sharing our bay, what the commercial industry wants you to know

R. Stockstill, R. Berger en J. Hite: Application of computational hydraulics for the evaluation of navigation structures

T. Sullivan en D. Miller: Design and construction of the Olmsted Approach Walls

T. Wakeman en J. Walsh: Revitalizing Iraq's port system

L. Maciejewski: Creation of an Atlantic Ocean shore bird nesting island

D. Gordon e.a.: Bendway weirs improve navigability

M. Rodgers e.a.: The use of the micro model as a tool to evaluate alternatives for dredging issues

T. Welp en J. Rosati: US Army Corps of  Engineers dredging operations and environmental research program's

J. McKee e.a.: Dredged material management planning process provides succes

B. Lambert, K. Hofseth en I. Mathis: The development of a national model for multiport studies

T. Keevin, K. Killgore en S. Maynord: Integrating engineering and biological studies to evaluate larval fish impacts

R. Mast, J. Khouri en J. Foxworthy: Navigation study for West Basin development project and channel deepening at the Port of Los Angeles

R. Price: Dredged material, converting a liability into a resource

D. Krueger en R. Gorini: Improvements to the Houston ship channel and Galveston harbour

Magazine 118, januari 2005

M. Geense: Ports and Wetlands, a strategy for wetlands restoration

R. Stockstill, J. Hite en H. Park: Hydraulic design of upper approach walls to navigation locks

A. Blume: Towards a better understanding of waterway capacity

A. Camarero en G. Polo: Ro/ro-ships for shortsea shipping

Bulletin 117, oktober 2004

E. Fagenello: Hydraulic modelling to revise the sluice gate control logic at Cardiff Bay Barrage

P. Gomi e.a.: Numerical simulation of the Jarlan caissons hydraulic behaviour

R.A. Danil en A. Vrijburght: Tendencies in the design of lock gates under alternating hydraulic loads

Hydralab consortium: The future role of experimental methods in European hydraulic research

H. Schttrumpf en H. Oumeraci: Learning from seadike failures

P. Lacey: The International Maritime Organisation

Bulletin 116, mei 2004

K. Ono en Y. Kasugai: Recent development of port policies and strategies in Japan

A. Nagano en S. Oka: Enactment of the fishing ports and ground law

I. Sakai: Port of Hakata, history and development plans

K. Furukawa en Y. Nakaruma: Wetland restoration project

T. Takeuchi: Fishing port construction and improvement works in harmony with the natural environment

T. Hayakawa, I. Murayama en A. Yonezawa: Cost reduction by effective use of dredged soil

T. Satoh, M. Kitazume en F. Suganuma: Application of pneumatic flow mixing methods

T. Furudoi: Second phase of the airport island construction at Kansai International Airport

Y. Higuchi: Osaka Bay Phoenix project as an integrated waste management scheme

S. Iai: Seismic design of port structures

K. Takano: Tokyo Port Oi Container Terminal

H. Yoneyama, T. Hiraishi en S. Ueda: Recent technological advances of ship mooring analysis and construction of floating structures

Bulletin 115, januari 2004

F.J. Mink: Ports & Habitatas: partners in development (PIANC Seminar)

J. Olivier: How navigation is taken into account in the application in France of the European Water Framework

S. Ledoux, E. Lagroy en L. Hamm: Experimental programmes for rehabilitating estuarine ecosystems

H. Neuer en T. Strobl: Shipping navigation tests to determine the horizontal safety distances from groynes and canal banks

Z. Tumova: Castastrophic flooding in Czech Republic

S. della Sla: Contaminated sediments in the Venice Lagoon

T. Okada: A new simplified numerical simulation methof for minimization of environmental impacts on estuaries

A. Pittavino en R. le Quillec: Maritime dredging strategies in European ports and the future prospects for French practices

R. Marconi en V. Biego: The planning of marinas as a guarantee of sustainable development and a restraint to territorial decay

Bulletin 114, augustus 2003

H. Schttrumpf: Wave overtopping of seadikes

J. Marchal e.a.: The intermodal platforms: the case of the Walloon region

S. Hellebrand, M. van Schuylenburg en A. van 't Zelfde: Containerland, innovations with proven techniques

L. Erikson, M. Larson en H. Hanson: A practical approach to maximising vessel speed along sensitive beaches

L. Schokking, P.C. Janssen en H.J. Verhagen: Bowthruster induced damage

K. Trouw: Extreme hydrodynamic boundary conditions near ostend

A. Ball Ndiaye e.a.: A practical approach for the assessment of River Information Services (RIS) in Europe

Bulletin 113, mei 2003

S. Bjordal: Lauvik fishing harbour, rehabilitation of the breakwater

S. Kojedal: Natural gas from the far north

R. Mjos: Coastal shipping and ports in Norway

M. Austad: Oslo, Norway's capital port

M. Mibom: Bergen, the cruise ship metropolis of Norway

J. Eliassen en A. Fuglum: The production unit of the Norwegian Coastal Administration

J.M. Ly en C.M. Hansen: Norwegian oil spill preparedness

H. Andersen: Aids to navigation requirements for high-speed craft

L. Jansen: What is the Norwegian Coastal Administration?

K. Kristing: Decommissioning of sub-sea structures for the petroleum industry, reusing as quay constructions

Bulletin 112, januari 2003

M. Clark: The restoration of the Anderton Boat Lift (De Paepe-Willems Award winner 2002)

F. Len-Rios: Magnetic system for vessel positioning through canal locks

Min Chao Bin: Double-direction vessels in the Three Gorges Lock

E. de Broe: Controlling sediment accumulation behind the locks of Zandvliet and Berendrecht

H. Le Sourne, J.C. Rodet en C. Clanet: Crashworthiness analysis of a plane locke gate impacted by different river ships

A.V. Ogaryov en I.I. Koblev: Current conditions of the Caspian and Black Sea Water Link Routes and prospects for their development

V.V. Kluyev en G.V. Pokrovkaya: Deformation of the walls of the lock chambers on the Volga-Baltic waterway

Bulletin 111, augustus 2002

J.C. Hayes: An Australian perspective on changes in the port industry

G.J. Bendell: Port of Brisbane, the new common user terminal Fisherman Islands

J. Fleming: Esperance Port Upgrade

R.J. Morrison & C.W. Haley: Developing minimum monitoring strategies

S. Buchanan & D. Treloar: Met-Ocean investigations for berthing dolphin upgrade at Cape Lambert

S. Hillman: Ballast water and environmental problems - Shipping industry dilemmas

M. Coull e.a.: Expansion of the port of Albany

G. Smith: Sustainability in port development

R.N. McGuire & I.P.C. Robson: Low coast load test on pile and structural elements of Kings Wharf, Fiji

D.C. Patterson, C.F. Nielsen & R. Tilbury: Environmental assessment for the proposed port of Brisbane expansion

C.J. Apelt: Recent dredging projects in sensitive areas in Queensland

Bulletin 110, april 2002

J. De Rouck en P. Troch: Pore water pressure due to tides and waves based on prototype measurements

M.C.G. Covea, D. Levacher en D. Caminade: Proposition of semi-empirical formulations for estimating the wave reflection coefficient on a permeable breakwater

J. Reche: Eliminating a bottleneck on the German Danube: Straubing - Vilshofen

R. Boutin: Clapage des rejets de dragage de type vase par faible profondeur

Bulletin 109, januari 2002

K. Rmisch en W. Hering: Input data of propeller induced velocities for dimensioning of bed protection near quay walls

G. Caude: Bref panorama des recherches ou innnovation touchants les terminaux conteneurs

H. Yoneyama: Development of an automatic installation system of breakwater caissons

R Bierens: Sedimentation in the Maasmond - dredging predicted by neural networks

T. Maruyama, M. Kitamura en H. Tanaka: Design and construction of Yumemai Floating Swing Bridge in Osaka

Bulletin 108, september 2001

P. Troch: Experimental study and numerical modelling of pore pressure attenuation inside a rubble mound breakwater (G. Willems Award Winner 2001)

R. Tiemstra: Stability of high density concrete armour elements under wave attack

G. Haroske: Wear resistant concrete in hydraulic structures

M.A. Hermans: The Ship Escalator, a new concept for the lockage of ships

J.M. Deplaix: The Blue wave, a new concept of waterways enabling to increase velocity or to reduce impact on environment

Bulletin 107, april 2001

R. Bouchet, G. Batigello en J. Ward: Le Port de Monaco

E. Brassart: Le Port Autonome de Marseilles

N. Brutin: Developpement et perspectives du transport fluvial en France

B. Deleu: Seine-Nord: les enjeux d'une liaison a grand garabit

E. Doutriaux: La gestion environnementale du Rhone

H. du Mesnil en P. Bry: La politique francaise en matiere de transports par voies navigables

C. Gressier en F. Marendet: La politque francaise en matire de ports maritimes

Y. Le Belleguy en J. Brioist: Etude d'une ecluse type a grand garabit

G. Leblanc: Le Port Autonome de Paris

P. Roche, F. Bruchon en L Guezennec: Restaurer l'ecosysteme de l'stuaire de la Seine

P. Scherrer en P. Galichon: Le project du Havre 2000

Bulletin 106, januari 2001

A. Camarero en G. Albrecht: Transfer of loads onto supporting surface areas in a container terminal

S. de Brouard: The future of small gauge navigation: the situation in France

H.P. Ducker: Research and development of the WG Waterfront Structures

B. Gruber en S. Kofalk: The Elbe contribution of the IKSE and of several research programmes to the protection of a unique riverscape

G.A. Hamill e.a.: The effect of rudder angle on the scouring action produces by the propeller wash of a manoeuvring ship

G. Zhong: The regulation experiences of Laoyazhou Shoal under the action of runoff and tidal flow with two-way of Xijiang and Beijiang

Bulletin 105, november 2000

S. Gopalan: Current and envisaged port and shipping development in India

F. Marot, P. Conil en D. Levacher: Caracterisation et traitement de dcontamination de sdiments de dragage de ports et de canaux pollues par des motaux

R. Savenije: Future small inland vessels

D.V. Guri: Proposed formulae for the averaging of wave climate hyper-annual cycles

M. Hager: Special aspects of Chinese waterways

M. Chaobin: The studying of through-put capacity for navigation channels

T. Jing: The "Blue Highways", the waterway transportation network among islands in the Zhoushan archipelago

Bulletin 104, april 2000

D.M. McDowell: Waterborne transport for the United Kingdom

A. Burr: Modern ports

D. Whitehead: Factors affecting the pattern of future demand in the ports industry

I. White: A freight strategy for the UK's inland waterways

G. Bulter: Associated British Ports - Humber International Terminal

D. Hattersley: The International Civil Engineers (ICE) Maritime Board

N. Burt e.a.: Management of dredged material - international guidelines

Bulletin 103, februari 2000

P.G.M. Smith: Ports in the Mercosur region

R.C. Bolter, E.S. Ribeiro en A.B. Mendes: The potential of the Tiete-Parana Waterway in the Mercosul scenario

H. Armbruster-Veneti: Fibre optic temperature measurements in geotechnical engineering

A. de Graauw: Port engineering aspects of the Magnus Portus in Alexandria

J.L. Irish, J.K. McClung en W.J. Lillycrop: Airborn lidar bathymetry: the shoals system

A. Uhlmann: Wind loading on small craft for marina design

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