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Erelidmaatschap Han Ligteringen

Very recently PIANC international has appointed Han Ligteringen as honorary member. First we want to congratulate Han with this appointment. Secondly, we are very proud that an important member of the Dutch section receives this honour.

Han started his professional career after graduating in 1970 with a MSc thesis with honours. After that he worked for Rijkswaterstaat, Delft Hydraulics, Frederic Harris, De Weger/Royal Haskoning, and in parallel from 1995 to 2010 as professor Ports & Waterways at TU Delft and Unesco-IHE (from 1982).
During his career Han was both nationally and internationally very active in projects, as lecturer at various universities all over the world, and in the PIANC community. It resulted in an extensive network and people recognized an appreciated his interest in their situation and his willingness to help.

Amongst others the Argentine section has a great regard about the dedication of Han in his work both as a professor and during his term as chairman of CoCom. His effort led to a collaboration agreement between the Graduated School of Port Engineering of Buenos Aires University and TU Delft. This in addition led to the promotion of Ports and Waterways as a specialty for young engineers in Argentina. Furthermore, his initiative and dedication led to the creation of the Argentine section in PIANC. The Argentine section wishes to express their gratitude via the nomination and is very grateful for the work done by Han.

His impressive CV and commitment to PIANC resulted in his appointment to honorary member. We as Dutch section are proud to have a honorary member in our midst.